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My purpose is to help liberate you from anything that is holding you back from consciously creating the life you’ve always wanted

If you’re here, you’re likely on your own personal journey to better your life. Whether it’s a deep-rooted feeling that there’s more to this life than what appears or if you’re just tired of the bullsh*t and craving a change, I’m so grateful you made this important first step.

If you’re anything like I was, you’re likely suspended in the belief that everything that is happening to you is beyond your control. Whether your problems stem in love, finances, health, or even self-growth, you are incredibly frustrated that no matter how hard you try, nothing you do seems to be working or making progress in your life. It feels like one incredibly long, strenuous and vicious cycle.

Trust, I have been there. And that’s why I’m here today, to show  you how simple it is to turn your life around. There is no need to struggle, hustle or “grind” your way to success. I’m here to show you that you are the operant power in your life, and everything that you experience is created by your beliefs, thoughts and assumptions. By changing those beliefs, you change your life experiences. And you deserve the best experiences life has to offer.

For the last  several years I’ve been manifesting the life of my dreams.

I’ve completely transformed my life in the most incredible ways possible. It hasn’t always been easy  & effortless, though. Ten years ago I began on this journey after stumbling onto The Secret, and something deeply resonated on a soul level. Something clicked, and I knew I was onto something.

Before then my life was filled with depression, anxiety and despair. My self-worth was practically non-existent, and every day felt like torture. My relationships were a tumultuous hot mess. I drank heavily and battled with anxiety every day. I knew something had to change, or I was likely to meet a very tragic fate.

That’s when I heard about the Law of Attraction and The Secret. I read the book and then watched the film, and I was immediately consumed with a desire to learn more and understand this incredible concept of taking back your power and creating your dream life. 

That took me on a ten-year journey to discover this power and implement it in my life. It was a bumpy ride for the first several years. I was studying and devouring all the material I could get my hands on, I was applying the techniques I was taught, and I was documenting my results. It was a mixed bag, at best.

It took a LOT of searching, trial and error, and overcoming my own stumbling blocks to get to where I am today. It wasn’t until a powerfully mystical experience I had in Fall of 2016 that lead me to a relatively unknown author named Neville Goddard that my manifestations took of like a rocket, and I’ve been deliberately creating my dream life ever since. 

who is neville goddard?

Neville Goddard asserted with complete ease what most would find fantastical – The human imagination is God, and that our beliefs and assumptions create our world, in the most literal sense.  

Neville Goddard, or Neville as he was more commonly referred to, was perhaps the last century’s most intellectually substantive and charismatic purveyor of the philosophy generally called New Thought. He wrote many books under the solitary pen name Neville, and was a popular speaker on metaphysical themes, the most popular and wide-known being the Law of Assumption, or “the Law” for short. He frequently lectured on the Law and other mystical themes from the late 1930s until his death in 1972. 

Possessed of a self-educated and uncommonly sharp intellect, Neville espoused a spiritual vision that was bold and total: Everything you see and experience, including other people, is the result of your own beliefs and emotional states. Each of us dreams into existence an infinitude of realities and outcomes. When you realize this, Neville taught, you will discover yourself to be a slumbering branch of the Creator clothed in human form, and at the helm of limitless possibilities. 

* Bio by Mitch Harowitz. You can learn more about Neville on his Wikipedia Page, and read his incredible books and lectues online for free here and here, respectively.

what is the “law of assumption?”

Neville teaches a principle known as the “Law of Assumption”, and is one of the cornerstones of his entire philosophy. Once I began to apply the Law of Assumption and his teachings to my life, everything changed. Rapidly. 

I’ve spent years tuning and perfecting my practice, to where it is now a lifestyle and second nature to apply the Law. I always see my desires come to fruition, and if anything unwanted appears I can make it disappear when I apply these principles. It’s truly shocking how accurate this is.

To understand the Law of Assumption, it’s important to understand what this law actually means. The way Neville taught (and the way I too now teach) is that the way to create anything you desire is to simply assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

Sounds simple, right? It really is this incredibly simple.

The reason is that nothing exists outside of your current consciousness, and your entire experience is just a representation of where your consciousness currently resides. In other words, the world you experience is created from the foundation of your beliefs and assumptions.

Creation is finished, and any and every possible scenario or reality already exists. Think of it akin to parallel realities, or the multiverse theory. We are constantly shifting in and out of different realities (or what Neville referred to as “States of Being”) based on our current beliefs and assumptions.

To change anything in your life, all you need to do is change the beliefs and assumptions you hold about it.

An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable.

-Neville Goddard

Hence why I’m here today.

You don’t have to struggle like I did.

You don’t have to go through the same pitfalls or trial and error like I did. 

My approach is simple and effective, and with my blend of Life Coaching and Manifestation insight I’ll be urging you on the right path all the way.

may you be blessed & your life be magical. always.

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