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You Are The God of Your Reality – So Live Like It!

There’s not a time more exhilarating — or overwhelming — than when you discover that you are in fact the God of your reality.

I’ll admit, I struggled a great bit with this concept and what it meant when I first discovered the Law. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I was the embodiment of God consciousness made into flesh.

It’s a fact that many others who found Neville’s teachings have struggled with or are currently struggling with, and ultimately the reason behind why I felt compelled to spread this truth as far and wide as I could. Because once you grasp this, once you truly grasp Neville’s teachings, it’s a complete and total game changer.

So let me break it all down by starting with a question.

Who Are You?


If I asked you this question you may answer that you are [your name], who lives in [your state/country] and works at [your job]. You might add some of your hobbies and perhaps your partner, or family and friends. You may think that you are all these things but the reality is you are none of the above.

You are not [your name]. You are God.

I know this is a bold and, to some, a somewhat blasphemous statement. But it’s true. You are God, conditioned as man. You are God experiencing life here as [your name] in your Universe.

It gets better, so stay with me.

You are God, experiencing life in your Universe as [your name]. Here’s the kicker, though. There are an infinite number of Universes, which means there are an infinite amount of realities. And if there are an infinite amount of realities, then all things already exist.


Every scenario, every experience, every outcome, literally everything you can imagine already exists. And as the God of your reality, you are choosing your experience in every single moment through the state that you reside in.


What does that mean, the “state that you reside in”? A state is simply an attitude of mind, a phase of experience, a body of belief that you live by.


Everything is a state, and you are always expressing a state and identifying yourself with that state by your beliefs. These “states” create your objective reality, and you are shifting through these realities constantly based on your beliefs and attitude of mind.

For example, if you find yourself constantly saying “I am broke” or constantly acknowledging your lack of money, you are occupying a state of poverty, and poverty will be your experience for as long as you dwell in that state. Likewise, if you shifted your focus to a new state, that of being wealthy, and keep your attention in that state of wealth, you would inevitably shift and “live” in the state of wealth.

So what does this all mean, then? It means you can quite literally create your own reality.

In fact, you’re already doing this, all the time! Your thoughts, assumptions and beliefs are creating the reality you experience, always.

That being said, if you are unhappy with your current reality, you need to drop the old story and old assumptions you are telling yourself (ie “I am poor, I am stupid, I am unwanted”) that are keeping you confined in that undesired state.

“The world is my conditioned consciousness objectified. That which I feel and believe to be true of myself is now projected in space as my world. The world, my mirrored self, ever bears witness of the state of consciousness in which I live.”

Neville Goddard

Always remember that you are God. With this powerful realization alone you can start over today. You can shift into a new state starting right now by creating your own rules, by declaring that you always materialize that which you desire.

Declare it and persist in it until your assumptions harden into fact. Declare your desires to be yours, and they will be yours.

Try it for yourself and see.





You Are The God of Your Reality – So Live Like It!

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