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How Your Imagination Creates Your Reality

Did you know that your imagination creates your reality? Are you interested in learning how to deliberately manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of?

I figured I’d dedicate this post to a fun exercise you can put to the test for those who are new to manifesting, or those who are skeptical of these philosophies. As Neville always said, test the Law. Apply the principals. Learn this powerful truth.

And the truth is that your imagination is the creative power through which you can manifest anything in this world. YOU are the creator. YOU are the operant power through which everything in your world is controlled by.

This power is within you –you do not need to “ask the universe” or get permission anywhere outside of yourself. There is no external force you have to beg to or chase down. You control the events and experiences in your life.

This should be a sigh of relief for anyone who is struggling to manifest. There is nothing outside of you that holds authority in your life. “Out there” is simply a reflection of what is within you, in your consciousness.

Your consciousness is all that exists. Full stop.

The more you fully accept this concept, the more effective you become in manifesting your desires, and the more powerful you will grow.

Nothing is greater or more powerful than you.

And although you may strongly believe this concept, you must then grow in the realization of the principle. We can all know of these concepts on a logical level, but this must grow to become a very deep intuitive knowing.

Your imagination is God, the creative power through which you can bring any vision into your physical world. Your current physical reality is no more real than your imagination, and once you start realizing this more and more, you stop seeking things outside of yourself, because everything is within you.

What Is The Ladder Exercise?

British-Barbadian spiritual philosopher Neville Goddard was a New Thought author and a popular speaker on metaphysical themes from the late 1930s until his death in 1972.

In the early half of the last century, Neville was giving a lecture to a group of would-be students in Los Angeles and left them with this technique before they parted. He told the group that upon falling asleep that night that they’re to imagine themselves climbing up a ladder. He explained that they were to add as much sensory vividness as possible and to do this from the first-person point of view. He told the group that those who found themselves on a ladder to meet back for the next lecture.

I Will Not Climb A Ladder

He further instructed that they were to write down “I will not climb a ladder” on a piece of paper, and to place it somewhere they would see it throughout the day. Every time you see this note, stop and affirm it with conviction, Neville explained. I will not climb a ladder.

Neville told the group to imagine for three nights in a row and then to drop it. This was to prove that once the seed is planted that there is nothing left to do and that it all unfolds on its own accord.

The group members who found themselves on a ladder met back with Neville when he famously told them, “you could have just as easily imagined a million dollars for yourselves.”

Many of the group members went on to do just that.

The Takeaway

The ladder technique was a clever exercise Neville used to prove his entire philosophy: imagination creates reality.

We create and experience that which we imagine, despite what we may tell ourselves throughout the day. The instructions to write down “I will not climb a ladder” further proved Neville’s point. This was done — unknowingly to the students at the time — to prove that the subconscious mind doesn’t understand commands such as “don’t” or “won’t”. The subconscious mind only accepts what we focus our attention on, wanted, or unwanted.

The purpose of imaging this before sleep is because it’s in this time interval when we’re not yet asleep but not quite awake either, that our subconscious mind is most susceptible to our conscious suggestions. Whatever we take with us into sleep we will certainly experience in our 3D world.

This practice builds your faith, and this faith is a key part of successfully manifesting your desire. You must know, on a deep, subconscious level, that you are the master of your fate. You must believe in your ability to deliberately manifest the life of your dreams.

It is our beliefs that help us or hinders us. Many are held back by their own beliefs.

So how do we change our beliefs? Through your own, wonderful imagination.

Are you feeling resistant to these philosophies because you don’t believe they’re true? Try the ladder technique. Test it.

Do the steps outlined above every night for three nights. Then throughout your day, practice imagining your desired state. Reconnect with the state of fulfillment and satisfaction. The more you practice visualizing, the more you become accustomed to the feeling. You become comfortable with your desired reality. And once you walk with that knowledge of your power you will begin to see from that desired state in your physical world.

Try it for yourself and see.

Happy Manifesting!

If you want to learn more about Neville and his teachings, read his lectures and e-books online for free here.

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How Your Imagination Creates Your Reality

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