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Manifesting Money in Three Effortless Steps

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“Manifesting money feels laughable. I’m barely making ends meet.”

“I have to choose between paying rent or eating food. Again.

“I’m one small accident away from financial calamity.”

“It seems like the harder I work, the less money I make.”

“I just want to not feel so sick every time I check my account balance.”

These are just a few of the many, many replies I get from people when asked about money. Sound familiar?

It’s the unfortunate reality that a lot of us face every single day. I had these same fears and anxieties for the first two-thirds of my life, growing up barely above the poverty line. I watched my parents fight about money on a daily basis. I was constantly reminded of lack, of not having enough, of having to constantly go without.

If you’re here reading this you can probably relate. There is so much struggle around money, so much stigma and frustration and shame.

Are you ready for the good news, though? There doesn’t have to be any more struggle around money. At all.

I don’t care what your circumstances are. I don’t care if you only have $0.41 in your account right now and you’re eating ramen for the 4th time this week. You can manifest a life of prosperity and financial freedom in no time, and I’m gonna outline the exact steps to take for you to get there.

What You Believe, You Experience

Money doesn’t come from your job. It doesn’t come from your parents, or your side hustle, or your art. Money comes from your beliefs.

Money, like everything else in your reality, is a belief. That’s it. Money comes from your concepts and ideas surrounding it. Everything in your reality stems from a belief or an assumption that you carry, and money is no exception.

This goes back to our programming. During the first five to seven years of our life, we are constantly absorbing our surroundings like sponges. In the first few years of our life we are designed to observe and take in our environment to form our conscious mind, or our personal identity.

Understanding the relationship between the conscious mind and subconscious mind is critical when it comes to manifesting our desires. It all starts when we are very young, before the conscious mind is formed and our subconscious is taking everything in. These observations and experiences in the first few years of our life will be accepted by our subconscious and forms our most deep-rooted beliefs and assumptions.

If you grew up poor, you spent those critical first years of life forming the belief that money is scarce and hard to come by. This belief, unless replaced, will continue to shape your reality well into your adult years.

Step #1: Change Your Beliefs

Time to delete all that old garbage.

For this step, look back and note the beliefs of your parents. What did they teach you about money? What was their relationship like with money? When it came to finances, were they often stressed and anxious?

A very common belief that gets instilled in most of us is that we have to work hard for money, and that money is hard to come by. Does this belief still resonate with you today?

Start to notice your own reactions when it comes to money. Notice a correlation?

Here’s an exercise that’ll really help you to uproot and change your beliefs surrounding money:

  1. Write out all your current money beliefs down on paper. Note your reactions that pop up as they pertain to finances. So for example, if you had the belief that money is scarce and that people have to work hard to earn money, write those down.
  2. Go down your list and prove each item wrong. For example, if you wrote people have to work hard for money, ask yourself: is this true? Does everyone have to work hard for money? Or are there people out there who don’t work hard at all, and money just comes to them effortlessly? What about people who get inheritances, or win the lottery, or earn passive income? The fact that these scenarios exist prove the belief that “you have to work hard for money” is false.

What you’re trying to do here is uproot these limiting beliefs, and replace them with beliefs that’ll allow you to step into a state of wealth. When you successfully convince yourself that money comes easily, effortlessly and without hard work, that will be the reality you experience.

Step #2: Note the Abundance All Around You

I can’t stress enough how important it is to change your state when trying to manifest. You aren’t “attracting” anything from the universe. You are shifting into a new reality or “state” where your desire already exists. Hence why it’s so important to feel yourself in the state you desire to experience.

But what does abundance feel like if you’ve only ever known poverty and lack?

Next time you’re outside, note how many leaves are growing on all the trees. When you look up at the sky at night, note how many stars are in the sky. When you go to the beach, note the many grains of sand and droplets of water that form our massive oceans.

Abundance exists all around us. It’s just that most of the time, we shift our focus to scarcity and things that are missing. Once you start noticing prosperity in your day-to-day, you’ll begin to notice prosperity and growth in all areas of your life.

It feels like an expansion. You’ll feel a soul-growth like you’ve never felt before. You’ll become the very thing that you focus on: abundant.

We live in a universe of abundance. And once we become aware of it, we begin to reap the rewards from it.

“Do not think that one who is fabulously rich has an influx of spirit which differs from yours. He is imagining wealth, either wittingly or unwittingly; but you can do it knowingly. If he does not know what he is doing, he can lose his wealth and not know how to recover it. I am asking you, regardless of your financial situation, to assume wealth, knowingly.”

Neville Goddard

Step #3: Cultivate Gratitude

I can hear you rolling your eyes at this one. “Whatever Missy, easy for you to say! What on earth can I be grateful for when everything’s a struggle?”

I get it. Trust me, I’ve been there. And it’s especially difficult to find gratitude in such trying times. But I promise you, each of us has something in our life to be grateful for.

It can be a friend, family member, or lover. It can be your pet cat. It can be the fact that you’re breathing and all of your limbs are still in tact. Find something to be grateful for.

This is in no way trying to be condescending or dismissive. The goal here is to get yourself into a state of gratitude.

Because to be grateful means to be blessed. A feeling of gratitude is conjured up after having been gifted something or after blessings have been bestowed upon you. Catch my drift?

You can’t be grateful while in a state of despair. You can’t be grateful if you’re facing a terrible calamity. By cultivating gratitude, you will be moved into a state where gifts and and blessings will be your natural default.

Take 10 minutes daily and meditate on whatever it is you’re grateful for. Keep that feeling throughout your day, and if anything arises go back to that feeling of thankfulness. If you persist in that appreciation, you’ll find the things you are thankful for will start naturally appearing in your 3D world.

There is no limit placed upon your human imagination save that which you place upon yourself. Your financial, social and intellectual pictures are as limited as you make them. All within you, you and you alone have the ability to enlarge your concept of causality, plant and reap your every desire.

Neville Goddard

Dolla Dolla Bill y’all

Manifesting Money Begins With The Mindset

As I mentioned, these are some trying and uncertain times we’re in. But the truth is, that doesn’t have to be the reality you experience. You don’t have to live in fear, or anxiety, or lack. You are an abundant God(dess), and everything you desire already dwells within. Tap into your mindset and imagine wealth pouring into your life.

If you want to manifest money into your life, believe that it’s possible. Go to bed every night feeling like the version of you that already has all the money she could possible want and need.

Every time you spend money, do not fret about “losing” said money. Be thankful for every dollar you spend! You wish for nothing, because you already have whatever it is that you want!

If you can walk in the conviction of abundance and gratitude, you will surely be blessed with abundance and gratitude. Put it to the test!


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Manifesting Money in Three Effortless Steps

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