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How to Manifest by Changing Your Past

TL;DR? Check out the video I made about Revision instead


Have you ever done something you regret? Have you ever done anything embarrassing that you wish you could change, or suffered an accident you want to go back and avoid? What if I told you it was possible, that you could manifest your future by changing your past?

One paragraph in and you likely think I’m talking crazy. Change your past? What kind of sci-fi woo-woo is that?

I thought the same thing when I heard of Revision, a powerful technique used to change the undesired events of your past. Neville Goddard spoke in length about Revision, urging his followers to never let the day pass without revising its events. He even went as far as saying that if they were to walk away and forget everything he taught except Revision, that Revision alone would be enough to radically transform their lives.

Breaking The Vicious Cycles With Revision

We humans are creatures of habit. If you look at most of us, you can see that we get ourselves into routines and cycles based on events and the memories of those events. The problem is, for most of us we have it backwards–we think the events create our memories, but its actually our memories that create our events. 

The “past” never recedes into the past–it advances into our future and confronts us. 

Neville Goddard

These patterns are the subconscious work of our memories, giving us the same experiences that we recall and react to. Our memories of yesterday, last week, last year, and ten years ago are constantly creating our future–and the habitual patterns most of us fall into. 

Consciously aware of it or not, when we replay these past events in our minds we are dictating our next actions, and the actions of others. Looping these past traumas, heartaches, conversations, fights, losses, and struggles will only recreate them in your external world.

Change Your Past, Create Your Future

Revision is a style of manifestation where instead of creating an event in the future, we are altering an event from the past, and changing it to something we desire. When we revise, we are using our imagination to “re-write” any negative or unfavorable memories so they instead play out the way we would have rather experienced them. 

For example, if you received an email or text that contained bad news, you’d revise the event by imagining that you received good news instead. Or if you got into a heated argument, you’d change that memory in imagination so that the outcome was a peaceful resolution. 

When I first heard about revision, I was a skeptic at first. It just sounded so bizaare. 
In fact, it was a main reason I shied away from Neville when I found his teachings ten years ago. I thought the man was a complete lunatic. When I found Neville again in late 2016, I begrudgingly decided to put Revision to the test.

It was the best decision I ever made. Revision radically changed my life.

I felt compelled to make this post to clear up some misconceptions out there about Revision. A lot of people teach that revision helps to make peace with your past. Some preach that revision allows you to come to terms with unfortunate events of the past, that it allows you to heal and move on.

I’m here to tell you Revision literally modifies your past. By doing so, Revision changes your future.

But how the hell is this possible? 

Every Past, Present, and Future Outcome Exists Now

Tomas Hertog famously said: “Quantum Mechanics forbids a single history.”

We live in a multiverse where everything that could happen is happening, and it’s all happening right now. There are infinite versions of every past, present and future outcome. Time is not linear; this is just a very clever illusion.

I’ve touched on this before, but it bears repeating. Every moment to moment, you are picking and selecting a reality to experience based on your beliefs, assumptions and inner convictions. This is essentially how you manifest in general,

This is also where the power of our imagination comes in. Through our imagination, we impress whatever scenario we imagine onto our subconscious mind. Once impressed, your subconscious will take that mental image and move you to the reality where that scenario already exists, thus allowing you to experience it in your 3D world.

So if every past, present and future outcome already exists, and you’re able to use your imagination to manifest future desires, wouldn’t it be the same for rewriting your past events?

Rewriting Your Past


Consider what a memory is. A memory is a mental image that, when conjured, evokes a certain reaction out of us, right?

When you think about it, doesn’t a memory sound an awful lot like an imaginal act? 

Well, that’s because it is. Memories and imaginal acts are essentially the same thing. In fact, your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between the two.

And in the same fashion that we use our imagination to manifest our future, our subconscious mind will take these “revised” acts as your “memories” and will base your future events based on your “revised” event instead of the old, unwanted memory.


How to Change Your Past – Three Ways to Apply Revision

  1. Revise Long-Term Past Events

If there’s one exercise I give to all my clients, it’s this one. Make a list of ALL things you want to revise in your life, going back to your childhood. Any undesired memory that stands out, write it down. ANY past event that may effect you to this day, write it down.

This can get long, but that is the point. When I did this exercise, I had over 200 memories I wrote down and one-by-one I revised each event. Some of the things I revised was growing up rich instead of poor, and growing up with unshakable self-confidence instead of low self-esteem, just to name a few. 

I’m not joking y’all. This exercise was it for me. After studying manifestation and Law of Attraction for over five years, as soon as I revised these unfavorable circumstances my manifestations began to appear like rapid-fire. It was like a dam had burst wide open. 

As little as a few days after I completed this exercise I began to notice people and events change. To this day, I still have events play out based on my revised memories instead of the old story.

2. Revise Nightly

This method is the one Neville spoke of the most. Every night before bed, bring up your day in imagination. Go through your day in its entirety, from the moment you got up to the moment prior to bed. If there was any event that was less than ideal, revise the event to conform to your desired outcome instead.

There isn’t a night where I don’t revise the day’s events. If anything happened that I found less than ideal, I make sure to scrub the memory in my imagination and replace it with what I’d have rather experienced instead.

Now this is how we do it. At the end of my day, I review the day; I don’t judge it, I simply review it. I look over the entire day, all the episodes, all the events, all the conversations, all the meetings, and then as I see it clearly in my mind’s eye, I rewrite it. I rewrite it and make it conform to the ideal day I wish I had experienced. I take scene after scene and rewrite it, revise it, and having revised my day, then in my imagination I relive that day, the revised day, and I do it over and over in my imagination until this seeming imagined state begins to take on to me the tones of reality. It seems that it’s real, that I actually did experience it and I have found from experience that these revised days, if really lived, will change my tomorrows. When I meet people tomorrow that today disappointed me, they will not tomorrow, for in me I have changed the very nature of that being, and having changed him, he bears witness tomorrow of the change that took place within me. It is my duty to take this garden and really make it a garden by daily using the pruning shears of revision.

Neville Goddard

#3 – Revise On The Spot

You don’t have to wait until before bed to revise the events of your day. You can do it as soon as you experience something you don’t like, immediately after it happens.

I’ll give you a personal example. Just a week or so ago, a good friend called me out of the blue in a panic. Her car had broken down and she feared the clutch went out, a repair that would’ve cost her a couple thousand dollars. I calmly told her not to panic, and asked if she needed a lift. She said no, her boyfriend was on his way to pick her up and that she’d keep me posted. 

After we hung up, I closed my eyes and imagined my friends voice again, only this time she was washed with relief and telling me that it turned out to be a false alarm, and the car was okay.

The next day, she called again. Sure enough, her boyfriend helped her get the car to a mechanic who diagnosed the car as needing a simple, cheap fix and was running right as rain again. “False alarm!” she laughed, exactly the same as how I pictured the conversation in my imagination.

Master of Your Fate

No matter which way you implement this technique, the effects of revision are astronomical. Imagine what you can do with the power to change your past! This technique is one that you absolutely cannot take my word for it alone. Test it. Use the Pruning Shears of Revision daily and watch as you become the master of your fate.

I feel that this morning’s subject that this could be it, that if I never said another word, and you heard it and believed it, and really used it, this would be the planting that would spread from us here that tomorrow could not undo. For it is magic, this pruning shears of revision.

If you take me seriously today, tonight do not let the sun descend upon any vexation of the day. Just look at it, don’t deny it, don’t duck it, look at it that you may prune it and then reshape it. Take the conversations with your friends today, were they pleasant, were they arguments, no matter what it is, were they negative?

Then rewrite the script and just imagine the conversation to have taken place that now you are rewriting for the first time. And it will take place, for everything in your world that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your imagination. And this wonderful imagination of yours is Christ Jesus. Imagination is the actual habitation of every created thing. No matter what you see in the world, it springs from your imagination. So that’s where you go, that’s the workshop, the garden of God.


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Read Neville’s lecture The Pruning Shears of Revision here.

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How to Manifest by Changing Your Past

  1. Rowie says:

    Hi:) When I woke up this morning, it hit me hard, I could suddenly see all the opportunities I had in my life that I didnt take, I didnt take them because of childhood trauma’s and anxiety, but I delt with my issues in the last couple of years, and now I could clearly see the path in life that was meant for me, so I am thrilled to find your page here that confirms what I envisioned this morning

  2. Juan says:

    This is one of your best post Missy. it really make you feel and understand how wrong we have been living in our reality until we stumbled in this knoledge. Its a bit overwhellming at first. One can’t avoid thinking about all the bad experiences and our reactions, but it brings some relief to think that we have now a tool to change that, that from now onwards we don’t have to accept anything that we don’t want as true in consciousness. It also makes you think about how we should be taking care of our awareness and what we put into it. Again, thank you very much for making Neville accessible and easy to understand for all of us. Much love!

  3. divya says:

    how many writes we should script a scene in order to feel natural?

  4. Veronica says:

    Hey, I am in love with someone but he is already married. Can i do this for him to get married to him by imagining that he is never married and we are dating each other? Is it possible to come this true?

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