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Manifest Your Desires in 3 Simple Steps

TL;DR? Check out the video I made that covers these fundamentals below.

I discussed briefly in my last post what Neville referred to as the “Fundamentals” of manifesting, or the most important concepts that one must, as a conscious creator, focus on to bring about what he referred to as a “rebirth or radical psychological change of self.” In other words, everything you need to know to manifest your desires are outlined in these concepts.

I truly believe that these steps are the very core in bringing about this psychological change that Neville described. These fundamental concepts are: Self-Observation, Defining Your Aim, and Detachment.

I’m going to take a moment to break these ideas down because they are, in essence, the steps one must take to truly master the game of life.

Step one: Self-Observation

“There is a definite connection between what is outer and what is inner in man, and it is ever our inner states that attract our outer life. Therefore, the individual must always start with himself. It is one’s self that must be changed.”

The first step in changing your circumstances is Self-Observation. This is done by taking a critical, non-judgmental look at the self.

Self-Observation is the key first step when beginning a transformation of self. Change comes from within, and to successfully change your experience you must be cognizant of the innermost beliefs you carry. Remember: your beliefs and assumptions determine your state, or the reality you will experience.

To observe is to be aware. This awareness occurs when you step back and objectively note your reactions, perceptions, assumptions, and expectations in your day-to-day life.

Ask yourself: to what thoughts am I consenting? To what ideas am I identifying with?

Take note on your thoughts and perceptions regarding your current circumstances. Are you entertaining thoughts of doubt? Fear? Shame? Anger? Sadness? Jealousy? What kinds of mental dialogue takes place through the course of your day?

Do you find yourself quick to judge, or react harshly? Perhaps you lament to your friends and family on hardships and events that you’d rather not experience. Perhaps you beat up on yourself, or tell yourself that you’re not worthy/wealthy/attractive enough to deserve nice things.

Before a change of consciousness can occur you must first note the things you need to change. Whatever you observe that you no longer wish to experience should be noted and be brought to your attention during this critical phase.

Rebirth depends on inner work on one’s self. No one can be reborn without changing this self. Any time that an entirely new set of reactions enters into a person’s life, a change of consciousness has taken place, a spiritual rebirth has occurred.” 

step two: Define your aim

To define your aim is to ask yourself, “What is it that I truly want to feel?”

Now, this might seem simple enough as most of us already have an idea of what we desire or what we wish to experience. But I would implore you to do as much of a deep dive into this aspect as the previous one.  I invite you to go beneath the surface of your desires and try to find the underlying reason behind them.

Take manifesting a specific person, for example. For most people, it’s not the specific person themselves that they desire. It’s to feel mutual and unconditional love from someone they admire.

The same thing applies for money. For most people, it’s not the money itself they desire. It’s the feeling of security, freedom, and peace of mind that comes with being wealthy.

Now let me just note, there is nothing wrong with wanting to manifest a specific person or wanting to manifest money. You can manifest anything you want. The importance here is to define the feeling of your wish fulfilled, or how it would feel if you had the person or thing you desire.

This is a huge, huge part of the conscious creation process that gets overlooked or missed. I’ve lost count of the number of people who, while trying to manifest a specific person, have approached me asking “How to I get him/her to change? How do I get them to love me the way I love them?”

The answer? You don’t. You cannot change the world without before changing the world within.

So when defining your aim, instead of asking yourself what you want, ask yourself what you want to feel, or where you would like to be.

Once aware of your aim, in contrast to your current inner state, you can effectively begin this radical transformation of self.

“Having discovered, through an uncritical observation of your reactions to life, a self that must be changed, you must now formulate an aim. That is, you must define the one you would like to be instead of the one you truly are in secret. With this aim clearly defined, you must, throughout your conscious waking day, notice your every reaction in regard to this aim.” 

step three: detachment

After imagining your desire and feeling the state of the wish fulfilled, the third fundamental concept is detachment.

This one also happens to be one of the most confusing and misunderstood concepts in the manifesting community, so let me be very clear: Detachment does not mean we have to detach from our desire itself, or that we cannot think about it ever again.
It means to detach from any 3D obstacles or circumstances that do not align with our aim.

In this phase you are asked to detach, or turn your attention away from anything that does not line up with what you desire and instead persist in your new aim, in living in your wish fulfilled.

“This is where the third fundamental – Detachment – enters in. Having discovered that everything is a state consciousness made visible and having defined that particular state which we want to make visible, we now set about the task of entering such a state, for we must move psychologically from where we are to where we desire to be.”

We are asked in this interim stage, between when you’ve experienced your desire in imagination but not yet in your physical reality, to detach from any concept or reaction that does not align with what you desire to experience in your 3D world.

This helps to keep you from continuously reacting to 3D circumstances you don’t wish to experience, because doing so would only revert you back to your previous or unwanted state of consciousness.

This part does take practice. It is also where most struggle, or give up. This is because we are so accustomed to reacting to every little observation, circumstance, or event in our lives.

“The purpose of practicing detachment is to separate us from our present reactions to life and attach us to our aim in life. This inner separation must be developed by practice. At first we seem to have no power to separate ourselves from undesirable inner states, simply because we have always taken every mood, every reaction, as natural and have become identified with them. When we have no idea that our reactions are only states of consciousness from which it is possible to separate ourselves, we go round and round in the same circle of problems – not seeing them as inner states but as outer situations.” 

Before discovering that our imagination creates our reality we are all effectively living on autopilot. Hence why it feels like second nature to react to our outside circumstances.

The truth is, your physical senses are deceiving you because your physical world is an optical illusion. It’s no different than a waking dream. Everything we experience is our consciousness objectified, and through detachment we can finally break free from living on autopilot and the vicious patterns in our lives.

Change The Filter

“We practice detachment, or inner separation, that we may escape from the circle of our habitual reactions to life. That is why we must formulate an aim and constantly notice ourselves in regard to that aim.” 

Simply put, detachment helps to keep you from reacting to the events of your daily life. If you successfully detach from the old state and you are living as though your desires are already done, your reactions will confirm this.

So for example, if your desire or “aim” is abundance and wealth, then your reactions in your day-to-day must confirm your aim to be true.

If you were successfully living in the end, would you be reacting to the pile of bills on your table, or freaking out every time you checked your bank account? Would you be stressed about the finances throughout your day?

Of course not.

Think of it as changing a filter in your mind. Each state is a different filter or perception, the lens through which you see. If you desire a change, you first observe your current filter and note your current observations. Then define your aim, or the filter you would rather be observing from. Detachment shifts your filter, or your perception away from your previous observations and keeps you focused on what you desire to see in your 3D reality instead.

Once you shift your focus on what you want to experience versus what you don’t want, your external world must shift to conform to your new inner perception.

These fundamental concepts are the truth that will set you free.

“The way of true metaphysics lies in the midst of all that is going on in life. We must constantly practice self-observation, thinking from our aim, and detachment from negative moods and thoughts if we would be doers of truth instead of mere hearers.

Practice these three fundamentals and you will rise to higher and higher levels of consciousness. Remember, always, it is your state of consciousness that attracts your life.”


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Manifest Your Desires in 3 Simple Steps

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